Friday, October 29, 2010

Lindsay Williams Update

Lindsey Williams disclosed the following on October 21, 2010

  • Janet Napolitano alerts the nation of major Cyber war. Lindsey was apprised of it a week ago of something catastrophic on it's way that will threaten the internet. The cyber worm that destroyed Iranian nuke site computer systems is making its way back to the U.S. and Europe now. The intent is to shut down the web.

  • Don't worry about the skirmishes around the world. WATCH CHINA and RUSSIA. This is where your attention should be. Russia is the #1 oil supplier of oil as of this year.

  • China and Russia have just signed an agreement whereby Russia will supply China ALL oil products and natural gas. This will cripple Europe. When they signed the agreement, there was no dollar value given to the deal. They are not going to use the dollar, devastating the U.S. currency and destroy it.

  • The BIG issues will take place in Russia and China. PAY ATTENTION TO THESE two countries.

  • Ford is investing $500 million dollars in partnership with a Chinese company to build an enormous plant there. They used bailout money to move their operations to China and Brazil!

  • There is going to be a definite move on crude oil prices. It will affect everything. Watch crude oil as a sign of the progression of the elite. Crude is going to shoot back up $150 - $200 per barrel or $4-$5 a gallon. MASSIVE INFLATION WARNING! PREPARE PREPARE!

  • Two years ago Lindsey was told that within 2 years you will be so poor, you won't be able to do anything about it.

  • Janet Napolitano issued cyber attack warning! Credit Card purchases will be dead for everything. WARNING!

  • An evacuation of the elite from the U.S., Europe and Israel is now happening.

  • There is a prominent political activist in Phoenix AZ. She is a devout Christian. She was asked by DHS to come to Washington to take a position with them to be the liazon between the DHS and the hispanic community. She went to Washington to take the $170k/yr job. She was told that as part of her job, she could not speak out against homosexuality, abortion or any of the administrations policies. She refused the job because it violated her principles. Two weeks (10/14/2010) ago she was back in Washington for a fund raiser. Janet Napolitano called her up and asked her to lunch. In the course of the conversation during the lunch, Janet Napolitano told her she needed to go home immediately and get a 6 months supply of food and water. The lady asked Janet why? Janet refused to say but emphasized she do it immediately because something is about to happen.

  • INSIDER TRADING ALERT! Corporate heads are selling their own shares. On the week of Sept 13-17, 2010 the ratio of insiders trading was 400-1. That is, for every one regular stock sale (non insider sale), there were 400 sales by corporate heads. On Oct 4-8th the insider trading ratio has gone to 1600-1! The insiders are getting out.

  • By 2012 the dollar will be dead because we're headed for a global currency. Russia and China know it. That is why they didn't place a dollar value on their oil trade agreement. The dollar is going to crash VERY soon.

  • IRAN! 2 years ago the elite man said no war is planned even though the military was poised for it. One year ago, another build up of carrier groups and military occurred. However, this elite man said that was still NOT planned. Time is up. Within 4-5 months time there will be a regional war in the middle east. War is planned.The elite want a conflict in the middle east. HOWEVER, don't focus your attention on this. This will be a distraction! WATCH CHINA and RUSSIA.

  • China is not going to be our best friend any more. They are not buying our debt nor will back up our debt. The federal reserve is now forced to monetize our debt. This is done purposely to destroy the dollar.

  • Gold and Silver prices are going to shoot up astronomically. Today's price will look like a bargain compared to where it's going.

  • Mortgage Crisis was planned back in the 80's. Mortgage backed securities (MBS) were designed to take down the mortgage industry and transfer private property from the people to the elite.

  • Only computer entries have kept track of these securities. They cannot prove ownership through title or paper. Eventually the Fed. Gov't will bail the industry out to the tune of $2-7 trillion. Might get as high as $45 trillion.

  • Lending institutions have repossessed and resold property illegally. If you have bought any repo-property within the last 3 years, you are in danger of losing it because the institutions who sold them cannot prove title or ownership to what they sold.

  • A major Federal push to take all private property is under way. The situation will have gotten so out of hand and be found in such disarray that no one can prove who owns what. This is a set up for the feds to step in and take it over to put it back "in order". A major bailout is coming.

  • We will be making our mortgage and tax payments to the Federal Reserve. A private entity who now has federal police powers, no congressional oversight and unlimited funding.

  • The BP oil disaster will last years and years to come.

  • Gas is going back up to $4-5 / gallon. [probably much higher IF you can get it at all]

  • The healthcare bill will federalize all doctors, nurses, healthcare works, hospitals etc.

  • The Devils Messiah: (Yavapai, AZ) Counties across the country are passing laws that say if there is any complaint levied on a church, the county has the power to shut down your church.

  • Religious control will tighten. The concept of the devils messiah is to remove the God this nation was founded on in order to bring about the new world order. This includes a world religion. A religious world leader will rise. The world and national council of churches was formed to bring this about. False doctrines to destroy freedom and the family is being preached.

  • Faith based government initiatives are being pushed to remove the Christian god.

  • Martial law "practice runs" have been conducted to condition society for troops in the streets.

  • Gold and silver will be the only means by which you can secure the new global currency. The dollar and pension funds will disappear by 2012.

  • There is a new property tax bill found in the Healthcare bill that will hit in 2011.

  • Since 2001, the U.S. has lost 42,000+ factories. They have moved them out of the U.S. in order to bring about the de-industrialization of the U.S.

  • Dell is committing $100 billion over the next 10 years in China. It's closing it's plants in the U.S.

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